Monday, July 18, 2011

Make it rain!

I needed a few bucks the other day so I asked my Dad to loan it to me since I didn't feel like going to the bank. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a bunch of singles. He said to me; "I was at some strip club the other night and There were about 5 guys with bundles of singles around some girl on a pole. They started sliding the dollar bills out of their hand.. like this..."

I had to watch my father do this for about $19 worth of dollar bills and he finally said; "They call it "rain." It's strange."

As much as I love my Father, sometimes the guy can be crazy. Watching him "make it rain" on some invisible stripper was hilarious and horrifying all at the same time. "They call it rain." will forever be stuck in my head. It made me think of something though as far as putting on a show as a band.

You and I, as show goers, expect a certain amount of entertainment for the amount of money we pay to see some live music. Are we okay with paying $16 to watch 128 bands crammed into 4 hours at the Whisky? No. Are we okay with paying $5 for a local show of great bands? Sure! Hell, are we okay with paying $150+ to see our favorite musician/artist at some big coliseum? Of course we are! The more money we pay, the better a show we want to get. Like strippers. The more "rain" they get, the better of a show they put on. Now, the amount of money you pay (or "rain" just for shits...) doesn't always equal quality but we still expect a decent show for the price!

Thinking about this, It makes me want to put on better shows. In my first band "The Toxic Twinkies," I was content with standing around, not moving much, singing off key and looking scared to death. Not sure how that was okay... but bands (starting out or otherwise) are okay with this for some reason! You just forced 25 to 30 of your closest friends to pay $10 to see you and a bunch of other local bands no one cares about - why are you standing there? Get in their face! Jump off the stage! Break some bones, crack some jokes, take a request of a song you guys don't know and turn it into a sing along... something! Hell, set a piano on fire! Do something! Doesn't even have to be original. I want to be entertained, damnit! Is that so much to ask?

Make it rain on me, bitches.

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