Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gay for Gaga.

A lot of our close friends/fans/family members know that I have a strange and possibly unhealthy obsession with Lady Gaga. This is okay with me. I think she's pretty damn smoking too so you can sit on that!

Here's my deal with her;
The music is fun. One of my biggest things about music is it HAS to be fun. When I first heard "Just Dance" I hated it. It was stupid. "Gonna be okay! Do-do-do-doo-and JUST DANCE!"
Same thing with Poker Face. (Muh muh muh muhhh)
I just couldn't get into it! Then one day I saw her preform at the VMA's. She played "Paparazzi" and she blew my fucking mind. First off, she came out in crutches and stuff and danced around but in the middle of the song, the music cuts out, she sits down at a piano and begins to play her little Gaga heart out. She pulls away from the piano only to reveal to the crowd that she is now bleeding all over the stage. It ends with her being lifted above the rest of the dancers where they presume a worship-like-position and she hangs mid-air with blood spatter in her eye. In. Her. Eye. I was hooked.

Here is the thing - She not only looks like she's having fun, but she sounds like it too. Props to her producer Red One because he is a genius behind that mixer and she knows how to push all that energy into a recording.

Here is my deal with her - continued;
Her stage presence. I can only DREAM that I will have the same kind of energy and money to put on a show like she does.
In the opening scene of her Monster Ball tour, it tells the story of how some fans are trying to get to the show but.. oh noes! The truck has broken down! What will they do? The Monster Ball is starting RIGHT NOW.
Enter Lady Gaga. Dressed as usual. She walks over to the truck, throws open the hood, lifts her leg up on it, and starts playing a piano. You know, a piano that is where the engine would usually sit. What!? Why didn't I think of that? More importantly, Why can't we have that at our shows?

Seriously, she is awesome. Combine her catchy-as-fuck music with the crazy, what-will-she-wear next image with her message of love, acceptance and getting fucked up in the bar on a Saturday night and you have the perfect cocktail for me:
Someone who isn't afraid to be themselves, doesn't give a flying fuck what people think of her, absolutely loves, adores and appreciates all of her fans and spreads a message like "Born This Way" on national television, radio and internet outlets.
I don't care what you think of her music, It might not be your cup of tea. But damn it, you have to admire her work and how creative she could be.

I might not be able to play a piano inside a truck at the next show, or even hang from the ceiling while blood pours from my mid-section... But I'll sure as hell battle a giant zombie puppet dressed as Osama Bin Laden any day.

I mean, it's all about putting on a good show and giving fans/potential fans their moneys worth... right?

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