Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wasteland Weekend and the End of the World!

Last year, the band went out into the desert for a few days and came back completely changed. We had the time of our lives and met some of the greatest people and made friends to last a lifetime. We went to Wasteland Weekend in California City. It's a 4-day long Post Apocalyptic party in the desert that's completely themed and full of awesome.

There was a bunch of flaming sword fights, music that went into all hours of the night, a mini Thunderdome (I called it the Rumble Bubble), Jugger matches (Think... football/soccer/rugby played with a dog skull), a post apocalyptic sermon, an "Atomic Cafe" replica from the 3rd Mad Max film that was stocked to the sky with booze and so much more that I can't remember... probably due to the Atomic Cafe.

Anyways, moving on! We are proud to announce that we will be performing this year! If you want to purchase tickets to Wasteland Weekend to see us (and all the other cool shit going on that you really don't want to miss...) then head on over to - ticket sales go up as the event gets closer! Check out the website for more information and to purchase tickets or volunteer if you're too cheap! See you in the Wastelands!

Speaking of post-apocalyptic...

With all the hoopla surrounding the whole "End of the World!" thing, we decided to hop on the band-wagon and bring you something TRULY post-apocalyptic.

We are proud to announce that we are halfway through the writing process of a new, full-length album from your favorite post-apocarock band!

Titles are tentative right now, but we are going to tell you a great story about a world that has moved on, a world that has torn itself in two and the story behind the band, the Crimson King and the False Prophet.

Divided into four cycles, the story will arc across the following segments:

Cycle I - Pestilence - The Birth of Captain Tripps
Cycle II - The Requiem - The Death of the American Dream
Cycle III - The Apostate - The Loss of Faith
Cycle IV - Redemption - The Rise of a New Nation

Each segment will tie in together and will bring to fruition the story behind "The Break Out EP" and the new album. From the beginning of the end, to the rise of a new nation. Get ready! The AHTCK has begun and it's ready to come full circle to smack you in the face, take your pants and run away giggling like a little girl! Keep an eye on the sky and ears on the radio - AHTCK Squad Transmission is incoming...